Income Disclaimer

Income Disclaimer

In order to make income online, you need to have the understand that it is a “real business”. Please know that there is no such thing as a “click here and get rich program” out there. If you see these I highly recommend to NOT fall into their clickbait traps. Even though they may seem profitable, they will prove to be completely disappointing. In order to build a real online business you will need specified training, research, trail and error, financial investment, and a business economics education before becoming even remotely profitable in your online business.

As stated clearly in this income disclaimer and throughout this site, we cannot and will not promise any amount of guaranteed success or level of profitable income for you or your business. The responsibility of that will lie entirely on YOU to create your online business and means of income. All products and services offered through this site do not come with any guarantees or do they promote any guarantees of successful results in how ever amount of time you have tried and invested in them.

There are many affiliates who have profited on the resources promoted on this site and have gone on to produce a good source of income however, it was done through their own means and each result is not typical. If any results of those affiliates or other online gurus are promoted here, it is simply for the matter of showing what is potentially possible and not what is absolutely certain. We do not offer any guarantees on all of our promotions of various products and services.

Please understand this disclaimer clearly and that you are ultimately responsible for your own results.

Here lies a statement in true that any and all properties pertaining to the use, promotion, and ownership of is not responsible in any matter or form for the particular individual results of its guests, clients, or affiliates.

That was our attempt to sounding legal and professional and we’d like to treat this matter in that way for respect to you and your own results and for this site as a valuable resource for your online business.