Will Anyone Ever Read My Blog?

It’s one of the top questions on anyone’ mind as they think about creating their own blog. Will anyone ever read my blog? Will anyone be interested in what I have to say? It’s scary at first to even think of the possibility that what I write will be published online out there in the internet world for anyone to read. If you’re thinking of becoming a blogger or using blogging to enhance your online site, here’s a simple phrase to think about as you begin. Just PRESS ON.

PRESS ON if you’re thinking too much about…


It’s easy to post videos or pictures online since you can mask them to project your image in the way you feel comfortable. Writing however, if you’re blogging or writing journal related content, you do not have the same benefits of protecting your privacy. What I mean is through writing you really express yourself in a deeper and more personal way. It often means putting your thoughts and emotions out there and wearing it on your sleeve for everyone to see. You’re opening up some of your private thoughts on a certain topic and it’s something you may not be comfortable with since it is less controllable than posting pics or videos. Sure you can control the content you write in order to project a certain image of who you are however, it will ultimately have more of “you” in it regardless. Find your comfort area and build on it over time without revealing more than you want to. Privacy can still be protected without having to give it up entirely.


What if I write something that I will regret later on? Since it’s already published and people have seen it, how can I change it? Well, keep in mind re-edits or re-published material comes out all the time. Let that be another post idea to talk about an older post and the mistakes you made or the newer understanding on a topic you have to share. Go through the basic edits, proofread for content errors and just publish it. You can always go back and fix it or re-publish an updated version. It’s better to publish something that you may regret later on than to have the regret of not publishing it at all.


It doesn’t matter how old you become. NO one likes embarrassment. Regardless of how much you try to avoid, you will eventually get embarrassed at one point or another. It’s all about how you take it and not let it get to you. What if I write something that someone comments as completely useless and embarrasses me on my own page? Let them. I’m sure there will be people reading this post and saying how much crap it all is. Just remind yourself it’s to serve those to whom it could be helpful. Embrace embarrassment since it will shape your character as a writer and blogger over time.

Saving Too Much

I relate this to thinking too much and saving all of your good ideas for the perfect time to share it. Wrong! It’s the internet, put it up and it will eventually be shared to others according to their perfect time. Sure it’s good to get things perfect but without thinking too much about it, do your “good enough” work and then post it. Don’t save all your ideas for a later time otherwise you will be stocked with too much and most of those good ideas which will just get lost with the rest. Saving some can help in the short run however, saving too much will overload your memory drive. Empty the cache once in awhile.

Spending Too Much

Too much research, reading other’s work, spending too much time checking things out before writing a single word. This is always my biggest hurdle. It took me 4 days to write this blog because I wanted to look more into the topic before writing. Checked out other people’s blogs and watched endless videos. After 4 days, finally got around to writing this. It’s good to do your do diligence on the topic you want to write about but make sure it’s actual diligent work. Make sure it’s not fueled by a self-conscious attitude to reaffirm your ideas and your need for affirmation for an idea before you begin writing. To put it simply, don’t waste your time checking out everyone’s blog. Spend more time writing your blogs.


Others will read, others will care, and others will be influenced by what you write. Also, others will not read it, not care, and not be influenced. You have no control over that. This is a main concern since you want to make sure you are delivering content that ultimately helps people. Your concern is more for them and if the right people come across your blog, they’ll get it and reward you accordingly. Regardless of what others think, do it for them. Do it with others in mind. Do not be afraid of the others. Without others, there is no need for your blog.


When should I write? Now. Put your ideas down now. Record yourself on video or audio when you’re driving around and an idea comes to mind. We live in media driven society where the next piece of information can quickly take away your attention from what you were focusing on. Always think now now now. Write it down on a napkin if you have to. There is a practicality when you physical write something down where you will better remember it later on. Have a sense of urgency and know your habits and get it down somewhere so you go back and elaborate on it in detail.

I know there are probably a lot of other pieces of advice with better acronyms to help in this area. If only I could really share what I thought but I don’t want you to misjudge me. After all I’m only starting here. I know I’ll regret it later but if I don’t write anything I’ll regret it even more. To save embarrassment, I was thinking of saving this blog topic idea and compare it to tons just like on the web before posting it. However, if I did that, I’d probably forget all about it and talk myself out of it. I’ll think first how it could benefit someone but over time forget that others may hate what I write and call me out for wasting their time. After thinking of all that, should I still post this now or at a later date? 

It may sound a bit tacky but there’s nothing left to do but to just PRESS ON and get it posted.



Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

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