Why I Left Mobe

First of all, this is NOT a post that will comment negatively about Mobe in order to promote another company or product. Although it may include some honest thoughts towards Mobe that may seem negative however, my intension is to speak truthfully of my experience with the company and some things anyone should know if they are considering getting involved.

On a side not, I actually think highly of the company and their founder for the kind of direct marketing sales company he has built up. It has helped hundreds of people produce online income through the channel of direct marketing and is a company that is continuing to grow even today. 

In fact, that was the hardest reason of not wanting to quit Mobe. Their future vision is great of wanting to become an online business educational resource company and I hope that they continue to grow in the years to come. 

So, no this is not a hate post about Mobe. It is however my honest reason for leaving Mobe after 8 months. 

Simple and Practical Reason for Leaving 

Mobe is an investment company. It highly favors and supports those who actually have the funds to make a good amount of investment into the company. They do teach the overall gist of doing “business” online however, most of the people who sign up end up really getting into an investment role. 

Online “Business”?

This may sound a little negative but, they teach you that you are doing an online “business” but in reality you are really just working to bring in more people into the company. It sounds something similar to old MLM style marketing companies however, while inside, Mobe operates a little differently.

At the front end however, the company is all too famililar. You simply make more money by bringing in more people under you. You make residual income from everyone you bring in and the business model basically is you are working as a consultant trying to bring in more potential clients. 

Is it a real “business”?

In my opinion no, but that’s your call to make. Hey as long as you are making money why not right. It’s the “business” aspect of it that seems attractive but it will depend on your standards of what a personal business really is before you tell yourself you are actually running an online “business”. 

Their training is good I’d have to say. It does highly theme on the side of investment making. But their online resources of starting an online business is similar to what you will find elsewhere. You are paying $49 for a product that will open a large window to some of the essential tools and training that can get you started in your own online business. Or you can save that $49 and just do an afternoon’s worth of google searches and get the same education. The $49 pays for their organization and access to upsale discounts. 

The Main Challenge is Adspend Costs

The challenge was not having enough capital to invest. You NEED investment money in order to get ahead with companies like Mobe. Also, you NEED funds to support your monthly adspend costs. This was the killer for me. 

I thought I could start as a standard level consultant at $20 a month and save the little money I had for adspend costs. Little did I know, I was right. The money you spend on paid ads is what will kick in the rear weeks down the line.

What You Are Really Signing Up For

One thing you must understand when getting involved with companies like Mobe is that you are signing up to be an online advertiser for Mobe. That means you are spending your own money to promote their company. Sounds sketchy right? However, the major benefit is that they have a high commission rate to satisfy your efforts but only IF you make sales. 

I ran out of my adspend budget quickly and was soon getting into more debt then I wanted. For those who have the funds to buy in at higher levels and also have the funds to invest in high quality traffic, they will be ones who actually start making a return on their investments due to higher commission rates. That’s the bottom line. Im repeating this too much, but you need to be able to invest in order to get ahead with Mobe.

How much do you need?

I’d say a safe amount considering the ad spend cost runs up to about 20K to 30K. Seriously. More than half of that money goes towards just buying in and the other half will go towards paid traffic. 

If paid traffic is your thing and you have some experience, then go for it. If you know the in’s and out’s of how to get higher ROI’s then go for it. If you have no idea what you are doing then STOP! You will blow through your budget faster than you think. Anxiety will sink in and you’re resent yourself and Mobe for even getting started. 

Investment Is No Joke

I left Mobe after 8 months mainly due to realizing I am not an investor at this point in my life. I do not have the funds or the financial experience to know how to even get involved. I signed up for Mobe because I wanted to get an online business education so I can actually start my own online business.

The education I did get however, there was a huge gap from being educated by Mobe and actually making money through them. You need to realize you are signing up to be an investor in the company and not so much an online business owner. You do not own your own business but are working for Mobe as a marketing consultant. It’s their business not yours. 

Only less than 6% actually move up to create their own products and promote Mobe on the back end. They become mentors and get paid high fees for consulting hours. You will never get there being a mere investor in the company. You can make good money but you will also need to invest just as much over time. 

Will Mobe last forever?

Probably not. Like a lot of direct marketing sales companies, they see their limitations and eventually go away. Some come back with a new makeover but on the inside, its the same style of business. Although Mobe does have it’s own resort and their future includes real-estate properties, they still need investors to keep the company going. 

Great and Not Great

Mobe is great for those retiring and who actually have the funds to make some sizable investments. 

Mobe is not great for those who want to learn things like SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, digital product creation, podcasting, etc. There are other great resources out there if you want to create your own online business through these strategies. 

Can you actually make money online?

YES! Online business is a legit form of business and takes just as much work if not more then regular 9-5 jobs. You have to ask yourself what kind of actual business you want to get involved and go from there. 

If you want to just be an investor, then go with companies like Mobe. Your road to financial success can be quick or take years, however if you’re comfortable with your financial situation and have the funds for making investments you may just do alright. 

In Conclusion

Mobe is great for quality investors. If you want to get involved go check them out. (not affiliate link) www.mobe.com 

I left Mobe with a lot of lessons learned and a fresh path to start producing income through online entrepreneurship.

It’s going to be a tough road ahead but then again what new career isn’t.


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