Vlogging to Make a Difference

Can Vlogging really make a difference in this world?

So I started a vlogging series on my Youtube channel. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I discovered Youtube back in 2010 but never really thought of what a first person video would look like.

I was actually too embarrassed to do it since I was so used to being behind the camera. If you’re a video maker you know what I’m talking about. It’s all about getting the shot and not being IN the shot.

But vlogging changes that. 

Vlogging = Creativity

Video Creators have sprung up like crazy over the past few years especially vloggers. The credit definitely has to go towards amazing content creators who are at the front lines of youtube paving the way to a whole new film genre.

I wont name them but I’m sure you already know a few off the top of your head. Their influence has reached beyond their followers. They’ve initiated a cultural influence none like any other and they inspire others to do the same.

They are definitely one of the main reasons that has helped push me to start vlogging and getting back into content creation. 

Vlogging = Self Assessment

Who would care to see short films about someone’s life other than family and friends? Who is going to take 10 minutes out of their day to watch an edited version of my life?

I think about this all the time. 

Doesn’t it seem a little arrogant to show your life from a point of view that could potentially be misleading to an audience? It’s irresponsible and just another way to hide behind the camera to show a better image of who you really are. Again the self-conscious questions continue.  

All of these questions are legit and believe me, they are all the exact same questions every vlogger goes through each time they post a video. 

Vlogging = Visual Transparency

The truth is there is a sense of visual transparency when it comes to vlogging. Yes the vlogger chooses what he or she wants to show since it’s an edited version of their life. However, they also need to show enough content to create something interesting and real to watch.

You need to open up about your life to some degree and be truthful about it otherwise audiences these days, who’ve seen just about everything, will quickly figure you out. 

A vlogger is left exposed to criticism and potential ridicule and is choosing to do something that really isn’t all that flattering if you think about it. 

So why Vlog at tall and will it make a difference? 

Well, it comes down to the intentionality behind it.

My intention is to grow my channel, gain influence, and to use that influence for greater causes.

And yes, if I’m honest with myself, to eventually increase the monetization on my channel. I cannot leave that out since, as a content creator, we want to keep producing the content we love and why not have an opportunity to earn a living from it. 

Besides that, my desire is to inspire and encourage through the three areas of passion in my life; faith, family, and filmmaking.

Just like any content creator, I have aspirations to show a different side of life and to bring stories that can be told through a unique perspective. 

In Conclusion

Yes, Vlogging can make a difference

Vlogging can bring a story or a message directly face to face with an audience. It bridges the gap of experience and creates further intimacy and authenticity. It brings the viewer on a journey and it creates a visual connection through motion picture and audio that can leave a lasting impression. 

Can Vlogging Change the world? 

It may seem a little ambitious to say this but, video is a powerful tool to reach people in any part of the world. It can bring a message and its the message that bring change to this world. 

What kind of change?

We will have to see in the next episode


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