The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business

The Best Things You Can Do for Your Business is Create A Website!

Sounds pretty obvious right? When I recently took over a brick and mortar business, I had a lot of work to do. The business is called Best Dry Cleaners and it’s a drop shop that provides dry cleaning and laundry services for the local area. Here is the website I created ( I had to go with the (.site) domain since the (.com) domain is taken and actually on sale for almost $3,000. That means someone had previously used it and it is now up for grabs if you have the money. It only proves that if you pick a really good domain name, you can eventually sell it as an asset for future profit. So when picking a domain name pick one that could potential have a popular title later on. I went with the (.site) because well, it was cheap. Like 95 cents cheap. I did not have a great budget and wanted to cut costs here there and upgrade later on.

The business is almost 28 years old and the previous owner had done very little marketing for the business. Amazingly, the owner had managed to bring in consistent income through a wide customer base which they had established over an 11 year period. That’s very impressive if you think about it. The business is in a terrible location honestly and if you drove by you’d never know that there was a drop shop there. However, through something simple as providing great customer service for the local area, they had done a great job of establishing the business within the community and creating profitability. 

It comes the new guy, me. Since I quit my last full time at the end of 2016, I was looking for work outside since my online businesses were growing very very slowly. I had barely made $128 after 5 months. My family had to survive so I took on new ownership of the business at the start of May 2017. It was a big risk for me since I’ve always worked for paychecks in the past for steady income however, now, it was all up to me. 

After settling in the first month, the first thing I thought that would really put the business out there was a website. Hence, coming back to my main point. The best thing you can for any business is create a website. You’d be surprised how common the idea really is but there are still many business that still have not created one. 


Reasons for Having a Website

Building Your Brand

Any business should create a website in order to build the brand of the business and expand its potential customer outreach. I wanted to create something more modern and appealing to people today and the best platform out there has got to be WordPress. I took two months to really learn this platform and I’m still learning the capabilities of it. If you’re like me and having experience with older website making programs that require you know how to code, Wordpress can be a huge game changer and relief since remembering all that code gets harder if you don’t use it over time. I’m not going to lie, Wordpress does take a few hours to really learn but once you know the basics, it will greatly scale your business outreach immensely. 

Tell Your Story

For the website, I wanted to create a story around the business. It has the basic pages like about us, contact, services, and so on. However, one the most clicked pages would have to be the About Us page. It’s common for customers to want to know who the owner is. I’m sure its on people’s minds even as they come across my blog. If there is basic info then it’s a boring introduction. However, if there is a story then it will seem more interesting and people will connect better to the business. Even if it’s not an elaborate story just share it. Who knows someone just might be interested in listening and it also builds the relationship bridge between you and the customer. 

Inform of Special Services or Offers

With the addition of a website, I had the opportunity to introduce a new service that was fitting for our location which is a free pickup and delivery service. Since the location is not a factory store and we outsource the majority of our work, I thought why not include a pickup and delivery service that could potentially bring in more customers. It brings the one thing a drop shop can offer best and that’s convenience of time. Some customers do not mind coming to our store however, there’s a group of people out there who do not necessarily have the time for that. Long story short, through a website, we had the opportunity to promote our services in a way that is more effective and with an online scheduling tool, it brings the store to the customers. This is still a test in progress and more details to come later on.

Helps With Advertising

A website is key if you want to advertise online. The main platform I am using so far is Facebook CPC and CPM. Facebook is great way to promote your brand and get your name out there. Over time as the brand becomes more familiar, you can run promotions and offers to those who follow your fan page. Yes, a fan page is also necessary and is a great addition to your already existing website.

How Are You Using Facebook Ads? 

Although this can be an entire separate blog topic, here is the basic layout of what I do with Facebook ads. I use two methods. I boost a post and run an engagement ad to our offer. I made an online coupon that says 20% off and also promoted free pickup and delivery. It links directly to our website and I’ve been tracking everything through Facebook pixels and Google analytics. The targeted area is between a 5 to 8 mile radius of our store and specifically targeting mid-income single home families. Their demographics mainly include job titles ranging from business to medical and basically trying to reach out to customers who may need future dry cleaning as the fall and winter season begins. All ads run back to our website and going back to my main point, a website will give you the online presence you need in order to create a brand for your business and get it out there through marketing. 

Screen Shots Of My Store Website –


My 5 Month Plan for the Business and Website

For my brick and mortar store, my 5 month plan is to raise the brand of the business through our website, online post engagements, and paid ads. Through that if we can get just a handful of customers and from those to become reoccurring customers then we will be in a better position to establish the business even further. Eventually, if the site gets enough traffic every week, it would be nice to monetize it through product reviews and online services. Also to add blog content to the site over time to document our growth as a small business.

The point I’m trying to make and you’ve already got it by now but it is that having a website has made a huge difference for our business. We now have a wider customer reach and we do not necessarily need to be at the business to attend to those customers. We do have to do arrange driving time for pickup and delivery however, that’s only twice a day for less than an hour each time. It gives us more freedom as business owners in reaching out to customers on a different medium and allows us to advertise our business more effectively online. 

If you are running a small business and would like a free consultation on how to create your own site please, promote your brand through Facebook, or online marketing in general please feel free to contact me here. I will gladly assist you in whichever possible and present some valuable tools that could help you in your business. 

Thank you for reading and all the best to your business as well. 


Helpful Online Tools

Webhosting – Hostgator is the industry leading hosting company. They have various solutions for website and blogsite needs. Also they have easy one-click installs for important applications such as WordPress to get you started quickly. If you need any assistance in this area please let me, I’d be glad to help.


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