Should I Start A Video Blog?

I started making videos online in high school and fell in love with from the start. It’s a lot of work and required time, patience, and a producer’s mindset. After I finished my production and showed it someone, that’s when I felt the thrill of audience reaction by showing others my work. I worked on many other style of videos from weddings, event promos, mission trip wrap ups, and family events. They all had the same documentary-style format with hints of emotional connections spread throughout the video.

The question I’m sitting here asking myself is that I’ve been out of the game for several years now, can I get back into this? I don’t have a good camera anymore. I used to have a Sony pd 170 however it was too big, no hd recording, and I wanted to go digital. Today all I have is my iphone 6s plus. I still have my own editing software but do I have the time to create videos having to wrestle with work, family, and running my businesses? The more I thought about it, I decided to just go for it, take action, and figure things out along the way.

Should I start a video blog? Or should I do blog videos? My answer is why not. The best part is that it’s free to begin and as a blogger it can give you access to the #1 video traffic in the world, youtube. There are a host of others you can use however, youtube is the king. It’s also incorporated into google search engines so that you’re videos can be ranked for high results if you know how to optimize them correctly.

It’s a great learn-as-you-go platform and you’ll get a ton of ideas along the way if you’re into video creation. If you’ve never done it before, you will need basic tools such as a video camera. Now a days using your smart phone is good enough. Also, video editing software if you plan to include different aspects such as graphics and audio into your editing. Also, time. Yes it will take time to plan out your videos, shoot them, edit them, and upload. It’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

After weeks of contemplation, I finally decided to add video to my blog and see where it goes. It’s nice because I can shoot it as a documentary of myself and my journey and look back someday and see how far along I’ve come. It’s uncomfortable to watch videos of yourself however, it is definitely necessary in order to perfect your brand over time. If you watch of these online gurus and their first series of videos, you can see how far they’ve come to perfect and develop their own brand. You’ll never have a perfect video at first obviously. Even the one I posted below may seem dull and boring to some or perhaps it will be helpful to others. At least for myself, I wanted to place myself out there and create another platform where my audience can connect with me and what better way than through video.

I have a ton of ideas already however, it will take some good planning to get some done over time. For now, I’m going to try and post useful informational content as it comes to me from time to time. So here is the first of hopefully many videos on this blog and youtube channel. Please feel free to comment below on what you think or if you did or did not get anything out of it.

Here goes nothing.

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Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash


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