Review of “Will It Fly?” by Pat Flynn

Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn

Author: Pat Flynn – Entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and speaker.

Info: 336 pages + free online companion course/ audio version available

Five Parts: 1. Mission Design – Align target ideas to personal business goals.

2. Development Lab – Refining a better business model that works for you.

3. Flight Planning – Knowing your potential market.

4. Flight Simulator – Validation and beta testing.

5. All Systems Go – Final analysis and let it fly! 

Overall, I give this a 4.5 out of 5 for its original approach to testing your next big idea for an online business. It is great for a beginner in the online business field or if you’ve had some experience are seeking more support for validation. Why the 4.5? My experience does not allow me to give a full 5.0 just yet. Continue reading for a more detailed review.

What Will I Get Out Of It?

  • Tips and Tricks for testing out your initial online business ideas
  • Initial business concepts and gaining the right mindset
  • Practical strategies to help grow your audience base and defining your market
  • Helpful examples from various failures and success stories
  • A better sense of confidence in developing your own business model 
  • A process of validation for any online business idea

Who Is This Book For? 

  • If you’ve tried other marketing ventures and have failed continuously.
  • If you’re at your wits end about continuing on and thinking only ‘lucky’ people make it online.
  • If you want to learn how to serve people with your passion or great idea and are seeking a step by step process for validation.
  • If you want to learn from an online ‘guru’ who has been through the ups and downs and worked hard to earn the right to be an authority in the online business niche.
  • If you are a self starter, enjoy entrepreneurship, and want to a little further into the online business world.
  • If you’re looking to organize your many online business ideas. 

Where Can I Get the Book? 

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Introductory Comments

I must say out of all the online “gurus” I’ve come across, none has left a greater impression on me than Pat Flynn. If you do not know who Pat Flynn is you need to check him out here.

I first came across this fellow 80’s fanatic through an online search. The typical search that anyone does in google when they want to find out “how to make money online”. Ironically, he was not one of the top searches at the time, but after clicking through several pages, his blog site came up. I liked the name of it,

When you’re first doing these searches, there’s a level of skepticism that you need to personally cypher through in order to find content that is valuable and worth while for you. At the time, I wanted to give any online “guru” the benefit of the doubt and really paid attention to all of their material. For the most part, they were all kind of disappointing since their messages were all the same and it seemed so repetitive.

Why Pat Flynn? 

When I finally gave Pat Flynn a shot, I was immediately opened to a whole new approach to making money online that struck a chord with me. Whenever you go into a particular job field or new company, you always want to make sure the company’s goals and vision align to what you practically follow and believe in.

Why Pat Flynn? It’s a simple reason actually, Pat Flynn’s approach to online business was the direction that I wanted to take in order to build up my own online businesses. He didn’t offer just a system that can help you make money if you invest and place ads. He offered the actual blueprint of how to set up an online business and the education of how to do it. Overall, his business ethics were very positive and after a few podcasts I was hooked on his content and overall business model.

Review of “Will It Fly” by Pat Flynn

Due to the desire of wanting to finish the book in a short amount of time, I went with the audio book available through I knew that a physical book would take a little longer to get through and I wanted to listen while I was at my day job so the audio version was a good fit.


One great surprise I got was that the voice over behind the book audio was none other than Pat Flynn himself! Maybe I missed the note but I was expecting the regular guy who I normally listen to. What a treat it was to have Pat Flynn himself read his own book to me. Not only that, he adds in extra side notes and comments here and there to bring further value to the content and humor as well. I really enjoyed listening to Pat reading his own book.

About the Book


Overall, the book was well organized and you can tell a lot of time went into placing the chapters in their particular order. I found it very helpful for anyone who wanted a well thought out blueprint of how to build an online business from scratch if you’re on a low budget. It was a common theme throughout the whole book how Pat was sensitive to the reader and their situation and gave a lot of side tips and tricks to help anyone get started.


Although I did not physically read the book, if I were to have read it, it would have made for an easy read regardless of the page count. There was not a lot of focus on business theory and vision casting. It was very practical and coachable. I honestly felt like at some points he was a personal business coach helping me along the process from start to finish. Hint: the audio version really helps to bring this out since it’s Pat speaking to you.


It’s great to take in a lot of content and get the head knowledge of how to do this online business thing, however it all means nothing without taking action. Usually, if the steps aren’t actionable enough, it’s hard to read a book like this and immediately go do something. By actionable I’m more referring to it being practical. Practical to follow and practical to implement. It does get a little bit more detailed in the middle, however it was also meant to be a resource for future use. So just because someone may not be ready for the action steps, at least you can always come back to them for future reference.

Extra Companion Course Material 

Along with the book, you also get a side companion course that’s free online! This was so great to have on the side and felt like Pat was following along giving extra words of encouragement and clarity to his book. He also, like the true marketer he is, deliveries on extra resources outside of himself that can help and assist you in going a little further with the content. As always, he is open to his audience and does give disclaimers of his affiliate links. I never had a problem with this because you know he’s a marketer to begin with. There are some key interviews that he does in his companion course that I found the most helpful in incorporating more tangible content to his book.

Simple Yet Detailed 

One thing I didn’t want from this book was just all theory talk and promotional content about how building an online business can be great for anyone. I’ve read a several books that do exactly that and have a ton of affiliate links everywhere which I don’t really mind however, it just feels like there much less value given and then taken away.

During the middle of the book, Pat goes into an actual step by step process of setting up the essential things needed to build your audience. I found this to be highly valuable. Anyone can build a great website, but without doing the research of your potential customer what’s the point? It’s like building a store in the middle of no where and hoping that people will come by.

His detailed step-by-step process of how to generate your first 1,000 true fans was very practical. I enjoyed the technical aspect to it as well. If you’re going to get this book, be prepared for some marketing “geek” talk. Yes, you do need to some work as you first begin researching your potential audience and Pat walks you through his methods step-by-step. Yes, there are more advanced methods but keep in mind this book is focused on giving the basics and little beyond.

Not a Lot of Hype but Business Talk

I really appreciate business books that go beyond just promoting the “idea” of online business. Pat shares a little on this topic, but recognizes that his reader is someone who’s at that ready stage to begin testing for validation. He gets down to specifics in the later half of the book which allows this book to be a good goto resource for future use. Its all business from there.

Of course in any business venture, analysis and development are needed as well encouragement for general entrepreneurship. Pat provides these things as an expect business coach at the same time keeping the focus strictly on onlien business. The goal is to get you from A to M with the right momentum and focus to help reach your Z. 


Be sure to take a few days to get through this book if you’re reading it. Even listening to it, it took me about a week of having to re-listen, take notes, and implement what I was learning. Some of it literally can fly by you if you’re not paying attention to the step-by-step portion. It’s not difficult to follow but, as Pat continues to emphasize, it’s real work that you will have to put it which is true for any entrepreneur. Overall, a good and refreshing read. 

Final Thoughts

From Direct Response Marketing to Smart Passive Income

When I started my online research, I found a ton of ways to make money online. I was first attracted to direct response marking companies that promise higher returns for high ticket products. All you have to do is place ads. They were great for those who have the funds to make a good investment upfront in order to make a bigger return later on. 

Even though I loved the idea of investing thousands of dollars to make a return that could be over six figures, I just didn’t have the money or the will power to go that route. Don’t get me wrong, I think some direct marketing sales companies are great but it definitely favors those who have a good amount capital for investment. Let’s say a LOT of capital. 

The company that I was a part of kept promoting the idea that your investments will teach you how to be an internet marketer. However, only a handful of people really follow through with it and have some success to venture off to do their own thing while promoting high ticket products on the backend. For me, it was just another investment opportunity and you really need a lot of money up front to even get started.

When I began searching for other means of making money online, I came across Pat Flynn’s blog I liked the idea of making passive income in a smarter way. I was skeptical at first as we all are when doing these searches but after going through his content I knew that he was serious about teaching the ins and outs of how to build a real online business.

A Better Business Model

He offered more than just the idea that you can make six figures in a year. He offered how you can do it on your own through your passions and interests and also by serving others. It was more than just building a marketing career around the idea of making money online. Most direct marketing sales companies only promote the idea of making money and claim it as a real “business”. Pat’s content went above and beyond to provide the tools to serve people first with their needs and problems and then learn how to monetize a proper business around it.

A Breath of Fresh Air

I know I’m just repeating myself here but, this book was a breath of fresh air for me. After struggling with trying direct sales marketing, I felt like all I was doing was just trying to get people to pay for a product that I truly did not believe in. I only wanted to earn money if I’m honest with myself and I hate that kind of business model. I wanted to have a real business model that can be beneficial for both my customer and myself and one that can last. As soon as a ton of ideas came to mind, I came across this book which was really helpful in mapping out a course of action that I needed to take. 

I want to leave my review hanging at this point. Since I am still in the process of implementing what I learned from this book. It could take months before I start seeing any results and thats ok. I want to do it right and “Will It Fly” has give me the blueprints and wings to go and give my online business ideas a test flight.

If you are interested in testing out your next business idea then I highly recommend this book.

Check it out below. (affiliate link)

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Thank you for reading and Godspeed on all of your online ventures!




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