The Start is the Hardest Step

The Start is always the Hardest Step. 

It seems every time we try to something new, it takes so much out of us. If you’re someone who analyzes everything before you begin something, it’ll take you forever to even get a point where the consideration of when to start actually happens. You think through all the consequences, all the “what ifs” and try to think through to solving the problems ahead of time. You keep reminding yourself that if you can solve all the risks ahead of time you will save time down the road. We fall into this “I got it all figured out” mentality and the funny thing is, it tricks us into thinking we are actually moving forward when in reality we’re not. Can you relate to that?

Imagine this…

A person, sick of their job, nothing really working out in other ventures, thinks of starting an online business and create online income. They go through all the youtube videos and online blogs they can to get all the information possible. In all honestly, they need to and they should go through a lot of reviews and info at the beginning. However, when it gets to a point of actually taking action on something, they can’t do it. They feel they are not ready. They need more time. They need more information, training, more answers to their questions and problems.

In their minds, as they gather more information, they feel more and more confident that it could work for them. They convince themselves that it can happen. They can make six figures. They can live the dream life they want. They buy into all the hopes and dreams online gurus promise them. All the while, not taking one step of action towards those hopes and dreams. They never get started because they have made it more difficult to start.

There are many reasons why starting is always the hardest step. However, its the hardest most of the time because we make it the hardest. We mentally train ourselves that it can be possible and as long as my mind is set to it, I’m making progress. However, and restating the point again, in reality we are still not even at step 1. If you’re reading this blog and you can relate, then you know how harder it has become to start and how easily it can be discouraging.

Everyone knows starting is always the hardest step. However, a here are a few important and practical points to remember that may help you overcome that difficult first step:

  1. Take a Step not a Leap. Remind yourself that there’s more to figure down the road and not to be discouraged by it but to handle a small step at a time. A mile isn’t finished in a single step, it takes hundreds in order to finish.
  2. Test it. Learn for an hour and go test it for three. Don’t just convince yourself it can work, go out and see if it actually does work.
  3. Take Action. This may be similar to testing however, go beyond your comfort limits and take action that will increase your experience as an online business entrepreneur.

Learning a lot of great content can get you into another “comfort zone” and the more you learn the more you’re going to want to stay there. Know when to break free and take action in areas that will challenge you.

There’s probably a ton of advice out there and perhaps what you just read wasn’t any different. But thanks for reading!  We usually like to watch others take that first step for us and think it’s possible for me too. It gives us a reason to dream however, for most people, it’s as far as they go. It’s not easy but it’ll be a start. Possible the start of something big for your life.

To Living Your Life in Focus and success as an online entrepreneur!






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