Can You Really Become Financially Free?

Financial Freedom?

It’s sad that the words finance and freedom are most recognized when next to each other. It is as if they were meant to be co-op or a dynamic duo that could never be taken apart. Perhaps it’s the use of the double “F” and the human brain is programed to think in a binary way as to recognize the simplest patterns when presented before them. Never have I heard two words that should not be together be acknowledged for one of the highest sought after priorities in the day to day life of nearly every hard working person in this country. There’s a lot going on in that sentence.

Yes. Financial Freedom. It’s ironic to think that having more finances brings more freedom since it’s the never ending need for more finances that provides that freedom and that freedom that can be provide from never ending finances. What?? It’s true if you think about it. If you have no money and want it, you are in a sense imprisoned to seek financial freedom. And, if you have money and the freedom that comes from it, you’ll seek more of it to ensure your freedom and therefore you are still imprisoned by it. It’s the never ending loop of financial freedom tug of war. You’re constantly seeking freedom without it and even with it you’re seeking freedom “from” it.

Then here’s the ultimate question. Why pursue it? Why seek after something that is so elusive that no matter how far you go you’ll never fully achieve it? ┬áIt’s like riding into the horizon. You’ll keep going and going thinking you’re going somewhere but wanting to go a little further to seek more of that awesome view. Just for the consistent taste, thrill, or need of seeing that view.

So where are you going with this?

Well, it may be common sense at this point however, you will never be completely financially free. You’re either stuck “to” it or stuck “in” it. Financial freedom is the grand illusion in the overwhelming pursuit of wealth.

Get to the point already!

There may be no such thing is as financial freedom however, the real freedom lies in the “pursuit” of it. How that pursuit is managed through planning, guidance, mentorship, wisdom, practical steps, risks and rewards. The freedom lies in knowing how to manage that pursuit and be in the drivers seat to drive it and not have it drive you.

My point? Well I share in regards to the question I have for you. How are you managing your pursuit of financial freedom? Does it manage you or are you managing it? Even someone with a ton of debt, but with a stable plan of paying it all back in a few years, can feel like they have the most freedom compared to someone who has a ton of credit cards to use at will with no idea to start paying it back. Sure the emotional side can be discouraging knowing that there’s a long way to go. But at least they’re on a plan. Their finances are being managed. That is truly one of the greatest feelings of freedom. Knowing that there’s an entire mountain to climb, but you know how to get there and what to do along the way. You know the path and have it mapped out. You remind yourself that your goals will come and you know the steps it will take to get there. There’s a tremendous freedom in that.

I write this blog today to remind you that your pursuit of financial freedom is far more rewarding than just getting financially free. Sure it feels good to have money but you could lose it even quicker. It’s not about how much you have but how you manage it. It’s better for someone to stand tall on a mountain admiring the view of the horizon rather than someone chancing after that horizon with no end in sight. What’s there to enjoy and where is the freedom in that?

Keep pressing on and set your goals and more importantly, manage your “pursuit” when it comes to finances and then you may experience “freedom”.


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