5 Elements that Impact Your Organic Click-Through Rates


Can you remember the last time you saw a mouse like the one above? It should be preserved and put on display at a history museum. The days when there was not enough to actually click on are long gone. Now we live in a world where the mouse has become an extension of our personal outreach into the world. As online marketers, your first few clicks on an ad or a post feels like getting your first love note from someone who liked you back in elementary school. It means that there’s someone out there admiring you and they’re interested. Now depending on who it is, when you find out who that other person is or where that click came from, it only encourages you to follow up on it. I only say depending on who it is because sometimes the person who gave you that note was someone you did not really like or find attractive. Anyway, you get the point, you thrive for those clicks and your click-through rate is very important when it comes to online marketing.

Click-through rates are a key metric involved with optimizing Pay-per-click ads (PPC). Click-through rates are not interchangeable with PPC or paid search ads.

You probably think that your organic search results are simply a consequence of your current ranking position. However, you have much more control over this than you think. Click-through rates can be optimized to return a massive number of extra clicks. The “keyword” there is “optimized”.

Ads that gain more click-share will generate leads that will ultimately increase sales. While there are several ways to boost your organic click-through rates, here are 6 things that can be changed right away.

5 Elements Impacting Your Organic Click-Through Rates

1.Keyword Selection

When it comes to increasing your organic click-through rates, picking the right keywords is the place to start. Your keywords are directly related to the relevance of searches, and they will determine how you frame titles for blogs, articles, and descriptions.

When picking keywords, it’s important to focus on highly relevant ones that relate to the product you’re selling or the content you’re writing about. If you’re writing a blog post about a certain product, choosing words that are commonly used in the industry are ideal.

The more the keywords in your blogs and ads relate to those of your business, a user is more likely to click on it after searching your keyword phrase.

2. Captivating Titles

When creating a title, you must have two goals in mind: to grab the reader’s attention and to entice them to click your link.

SEO is more than just rankings. Different skills in marketing, such as copywriting, can go a long way. A title that captures your audience’s attention is one of the ways to increase your click-through rates for the SERPs (search engine results page).

Always keep the keyword in the title, but save everything else for intrigue. A good title possesses a self-interest and newsworthy component. Titles that convey information quickly and spark curiosity in the searcher will having people flocking to your website.

3. Meta Descriptions

A meta description is the snippet of words that appears under a search title that basically summarizes the content of the page.

After the title, meta descriptions are one of the first things a searcher will see when they are looking at search engine results. Here is where creative copywriting comes in once more to attract clicks.

A meta description that will increase click-throughs should contain

Your chosen keyword(s)
Related phrasing to your chosen keyword(s)
Clear and concise wording about your topic
A searcher should be able to get the gist of what the landing page is about based off the meta description.

4. Call to Action

Content that has a strong call to action can convince a reader to come back to your content or even look through more. Relating your posts with “read this” or “click here” broadens the scope of your content and their search.

With a call to action, searchers will spend more time on your website, rather than on the search engine. With more content and keywords, you have that relate to your product of service, you can increase your organic click-through rates.

5. Table of Contents

When a person is scouring the SERPs, articles that contain a table of contents will include a “jump to” link. Rather than search through several results, searchers will gravitate towards the “jump to” link for convenience because they know your website has something relevant to their initial search.

Bonus 6: Sitelinks

It is true that you don’t have control over the assignment of Google’s sitelinks. However, you can control which sitelinks you don’t want to be seen when a person searches your keyword phrase.

You can easily go into the search appearance settings of your website and “demote” the links that you don’t want to appear. This is a key strategy for controlling the way you want your site to be first presented through your own sequencing. This is similar to how a sales funnel works.

When a searcher is scrolling through the SERPs, it’s very easy for them to associate the sitelink with your brand name. Websites with an easy to use interface and clear navigation will have better sitelinks.

Final Comments

Remember to continually optimize your pages, posts, and ads. Not everyone will respond to a certain wording or phrases in your content. As an online marketer, you need to get to a point of doing the do-diligence of marketing research for your target group and then develop the relevant content material that will interest them. Otherwise you are still just placing ads in front of cold traffic hoping that someone clicks through. The key to increasing click through rates is to optimize your content in order to attract more clicks. You will build up this skill over time and along the way be sure to check the rankings of your site pages and posts to see what to include in order to optimize them really well.

When you are first starting off this may be too much to do at the very beginning. That is why there is a great done-for-you system out there that will provide the necessary keyword rich content for you so that you can begin promoting ads. As you increase your skill set, then you are expected to optimize your content accordingly to the target market you are working with as well as your niche.

Taking control of how your website fares in the search engines is essential to internet marketing success. To learn more about how you can increase your organic click-through rate, or to find out more internet marketing tips, click here for my done-for-you system.

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