Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer

As an affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur, I want to make sure I am completely transparent and honest of who I am and what I do through The goal of this site is to help equip online entrepreneurs of the various essentials tools and information they need in order to help build their own online business. In doing so, I myself will be promoting various programs, courses, resourceful companies, books, physical products, apps and other websites as an affiliate. Through each promotion and product I will be receiving a commission according to the affiliate contracts of each company if you decide to optin and make any purchases of your own. I do not personally store any financial information of those coming through to this site. Before any promotions are made, I make sure they thoroughly reviewed and are actual tools and resources that can help you and have some long term value for your online business. I’ve gone through enough of the meaningless training out there to know whats good and profitable compared to what is a total waist of time and money.

The main affiliate network I am apart is called MOBE (My Online Business Education). I am currently a direct response marketing consultant for MOBE. I am also apart of a few other affiliate networks such as Clickbank, JVzoo, Commission Junction, and Amazon Associates LLC. I am also apart of other affiliate programs such as Host Gator, Get Response, iTunes, and more. As more networks are represented I will gladly name them for sake of clarity and transparency.

I am not in the business of promoting any clickbait products or scam marketing products. There are way too many out there promising so much for too little. Many also spam you and drop cookies on your site for endless unwanted promotions. Our site does use cookies for the sake tracking your optins. We do not want to keep sending you optin popups if you are already someone who has opted in to our list. If you do receive more frequently then you’d like please let me know. If you feel that this site is a scam and did not receive any value from it, then please unsubscribe from our list and be on your way.

An online entrepreneur, I want to thank you for coming to this site and responding to the content. I would always appreciate any comments or concerns you may have so please reach out to me.

To your success as an online business entrepreneur.

David H Lee