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Our Goal:

To help Equip, Encourage, and provide Educational value for online entrepreneurship

What is LiveLifeFocus?

EQUIP to Live

Live to improve yourself each day. An entrepreneur needs to be resourceful, innovative, constantly growing and developing themselves in new ways. Live to equip yourself to improve the quality of life, character, personal and professional skills.


Life comes from where you are grounded the most. Your family, friends and/or your faith. This is your greatest “why I do the things I do” reason. Success in anything has to be more than just for yourself. It cannot be enjoyed or done alone but with others and especially for others.

EDUCATE for Focus

Focus is your outward influence. It’s your outlet to impact the communities and people around you through your own focused medium. Focus needs to prepared, nurtured  and refined in order to have the most value and impact. 

Who Created LiveLifeFocus? 

About David H Lee

Hello, my name is David H Lee. (I like to include the “H” since there are so many ‘david lees’ out there.)

I am an entrepreneur, blogger, photographer, videographer, online marketing consultant, small business owner, grad student, pastor scholar, educator, guitar player, movie enthusiast, basketball and football lover, prius driver, fisherman, snowboarder, son of awesome immigrant parents, and I’m running out of other cool things to say. The list can go on and on when describing yourself. However, most importantly, I am a husband and a father of two. (Second one on the way)

I try to Live each day with the Life Focus of wanting to serve others through all that I do. 

Fav Quotes: “I did not come to be served but to serve”, “Always deliver more than expected”, “I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying”, “Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field”.


I Just Wanted to Say,

First of all, thank you for visiting my site. I know there are a ton of blogs online and each one fighting for your attention. If you are an entrepreneur or are interested in the content that is on this site, then I hope your visit has some value.

If you are reading this “about” page, it tells me that you have great ideas and are looking for some extra ways to explore them. My goal and desire is to provide helpful content that can Equip, Encourage, and provide Educational resources that can assist your entrepreneur journey or other great endeavors in life. 



Born in South Korea. Immigrated to the States at five. Raised by hard working immigrant parents. Child of the 80’s and 90’s. Adventures with Transformers, TMNT, Aladdin, Doug, DarkWing Duck, and Simpsons. Life lessons from Family Matters, Fresh Prince, and Saved by the Bell. Music heritage from MJ, Boys 2 Men to golden age of hip hop to Green Day. Love ANY 80’s movie, and some 90’s are ok. 

Studied Engineering, Cross Cultural Studies, Systematic Theology, Videography and Media Production. Had the privilege to travel to Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagasaki), China (Shanghai, Beijing), South Korea, and Philippines. Love to travel, explore, create, innovate, study, initiate, capture on film, influence and serve others. 

For videos about myself and this site Click Here

How Did You Become an Entrepreneur? 

I do not consider being an entrepreneur my only job title. It’s great word to describe someone who is constantly involved in 10 different things at once. Ever since middle school, I’ve always had a list of things to work on and it’s been an on-going pattern in my life. It was until recently that this pattern had caught my attention. 

Instead of feeling so overwhelmed all the time, dreading another project, and wanting to just focus on one simple task, I finally decided to give in. I realized that I’m an entrepreneur in both life and work. Somehow, I’ve managed to juggle everything and come this far, why not perfect my juggling skills and go a little further. 

Entrepreneurship is generally recognized in business however, the skills and characteristics learned from it can apply everywhere. As for me, I am an entrepreneur in many aspects of life and work and try to apply the skills and characteristics to everything I do each day.

What is the Purpose of this Blog? 

Since it’s still in the beginning phase, it carries a lot of functions. For the most part, it is my on-going documentary of both my online/offline entrepreneur work. I wanted to share my experiences with a growing audience interested in embracing entrepreneurship no matter what their background.

I also spent the past decade gathering experiences, stories, pictures, videos, memories, and life lessons. Now as I branch more into the professional world, I wanted to apply them to the work that I do both online and offline and create content that can be a good resource for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.



Leave Your Impact Online

The internet seems like the new fountain of youth in many ways. Everyone wanting to leave their mark in order to live forever or be remembered for doing something. As the world is continuing to change, working online is proving to have incredible opportunities. 

I say embrace it with all you have. Create your impact online and leave it for many to be influenced by it for years. Whatever you do as online entrepreneur, do so with intentionality, focus, and always remember to provide genuine value for others. Serving people is the top priority regardless of how much technology there is between us. 

Serve Others With Your Tremendous Value

I wanted to remind you that you have incredible value from the person you are and the experiences you’ve had. I also want to encourage you to use that value in order to serve others with it. That’s the best way I can sum up what I am trying to do through this site. You get the message. Well, whatever endeavor life leads you on, I look forward to hearing about your entrepreneur journey and how it will impact greatly the world around you. 

To the path ahead that can bring a better living to the life you have with the right focus.

Thank you for your time and please subscribe! I would love to keep in touch and hear more of your story. 

David H Lee @ LiveLifeFocus